Heads up, if you’re expecting the next insuretech piece, don’t worry, that’s coming tomorrow. Here is last week’s one if you missed it. But first, I have a few pieces of news including one really important piece of breaking insurance news.

NOT Covered By Insurance!

Geico’s False Claims

Informed has a big expose out on the Gecko. That’s right we caught the Gecko lying red, uh, green-handed. You can read all about it HERE.

While this may seem playful, it’s actually pretty serious. One of the reasons Jim and I started Informed was because consumers are getting misled all the time about their insurance. Companies shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this behavior!

If I can watch the ad and see that it is clearly falsely promising coverage, why can’t a regulator? And can you really trust GEICO if nobody working there spoke up and said, “uh guys, we wouldn’t actually pay that claim”?

So please take a look at the post and, more importantly, spread the word. There is a good chance this ad will run before or during the Super Bowl. I don’t know for sure, but it seems likely.

So, think of this as the Informed Super Bowl commercial. If you see it, speak up. In fact, I have some specific ways you can speak up.

Informed Twitter

Yes, I finally broke down and got on twitter. You can find me @informedbyian. If you have a twitter account, you should follow. I promise, it will be more fun than it is here. If you have followers, you should tell them to follow too.

We also have company twitter handles @getinformedhome and @getinformedinsurance . If you see the GEICO ad during the Super Bowl, get on twitter and let me know at one of these accounts…and tell others and send them the article. The goal is to get the Gecko to respond. You can even tweet at him @thegeicogecko.

I don’t ask for much here. After all, it’s a free endeavor. Instead of putting a tip jar out, I’m asking you to help me get some attention for exposing the lying lizard! Think of it as something fun to do if the game gets boring.

And you’re not limited to twitter. Post it on Facebook or LinkedIn if you prefer. The more attention the better. We can make the insurance world a better place!

Media Referrals

If you’re really motivated to help and happen to have connections in the media world, sending a journalist the article and asking if they want to speak to me about what GEICO did wrong so they can write about it would be much appreciated. I would think this story would get a news or pop culture site plenty of hits and, obviously, insurance centric media is welcome too.

Super Bowl Prediction

I can’t leave without making a prediction on the game. I’m tempted to take the Bengals. After all, they’re playing for Harambe!

But there are two problems. First, Mattress Mack is all in on the Bengals and you know that’s a great contra indicator. Second, the city of Cincinnati poked the Football Gods in the eye last week.

They already cancelled school for next Monday, win or lose. You can’t do that. What are they thinking??? Never set yourself up like that. That is begging for a broken heart. Maybe in Boston you can get away with hubris like that. Cincinnati hadn’t won a playoff game in 30 years before this season!!!

You don’t get cocky with the Football Gods when you haven’t won anything. Those poor kids are going to be moping around the house all day Monday after their team loses. And they won’t even have Harambe to lift their spirits.

One More Thing

Just in case you forgot, read the Geico story.