That’s right, you, loyal subscribers, get to see Informed’s new website before we release it broadly. That means you get early access to sign up for exclusive offers before we make them available to the public. See below for details, but first a few notes:

– there will be a regular post tomorrow with more on the hurricane. Today’s post is a bonus only for subscribers. I’m not sharing it on LinkedIn or elsewhere.
– I would really appreciate everyone taking the time to visit the site after you read this post.
– the best way you can help is telling others to visit. You will be helping them better protect their home and you will help keep me motivated to continue producing free content you can’t get elsewhere!

What’s the news?

Informed has launched our first consumer facing website, The purpose of the site is to provide free advice to consumers to better educate them about their home insurance.

While we will eventually sell insurance through the site, our first aim is to build awareness and brand recognition by teaching consumers how they can better protect themselves and get more value from their policy.

To that end, we are offering the opportunity to consult directly with Jim and me to answer any questions you have about your home insurance, including the option for personal policy reviews.

As they say on TV, this is a limited time offer so take advantage while supplies last! We will help as many people as we can, but if capacity fills up, it may take longer to get a response.

Why should I visit?

Because we can tell you things about your homeowner’s insurance you likely don’t know.

You probably don’t have as much coverage as you think you do. The home product has changed a lot over the last decade and your agent probably hasn’t taken the time to explain it to you.

We can help explain how your coverage works, show where you may have gaps in your policy, share common mistakes homeowners make, suggest ways to save by reducing coverage you don’t need, as well as any other questions you may have.

In other words, we can tell you stuff the average rep answering the phone at one of the big companies doesn’t know or doesn’t tend to share.

How does it work?

There are two options available through the site. You can either choose a brief phone or video call to speak with us directly live or you can submit information for us to review and we will respond back in writing with a review of your policy.

You can sign up for the 1-1 sessions directly here or for a written assessment here.

I work in insurance. I don’t need this.

If you work in personal lines, that may be true (though not always). If you focus on commercial or life or reinsurance, you may be surprised how little most insurance professionals understand about their home insurance coverage.

After all, do you really want to be the insurance employee who finds out after the claim that you didn’t realize what your insurance covered? If not, give us a chance to help.

I signed up for a session. Now what?

If you signed up for a live call, we will send you a reminder in advance of the call with potential discussion topics. If you asked for a report, you will receive it by email in a few days.

You can also join our mailing list on the site to stay up to date as we roll out more features. There is also a feedback form where you can send us any thoughts or suggestions.

The best thing you can do is tell a friend, neighbor, colleague, etc. to come visit. We want to be able to help as many people as possible in this phase so all referrals are welcome.

Wait, I thought you already had a website.

If you’re thinking of the site, yes, we have used that principally as the corporate relations site. You may also remember the Get Informed site which we used as a content hub. That site will be pared back and you will see some of what worked well there appear on the new site.

What else should I know?

While anyone can visit the site, only US homeowners will be able to sign up for reviews. We can look at vacation homes, condos, etc. but it does need to be a US property.

If you have an issue accessing the site, it’s probably because you’re on a corporate server that hasn’t recognized us yet. Try again on your phone or at home.

We will be much more active on social going forward. Please follow us at @getinformedhome on both Twitter and Facebook and on LinkedIn here.

Is that it?

There will be a lot more to come, but for now, that is it, so click the link and visit now.

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