Turn and face the strange

So some things are about to change around here and I thought I should explain it properly ahead of time.

I have some big news to announce. Many of you are already somewhat aware, while this may be quite a surprise to others. I have been working behind the scenes for several months now on an insurance startup.

Tomorrow, I will put out a separate post formally announcing the company with details of what it’s about and how people can get involved.

However, that is for tomorrow. Today’s topic is a more narrow one. Since I know some of you are only here for the compelling content and don’t give a rat’s whisker about what I’m doing when I’m not writing, I thought it best to separately address what my startup means for the blog so that tomorrow can be focused solely on the company for those who are interested.

I figured the easiest way to do this was in FAQ form, so here we go…

Is the blog going away?

No, at least not yet. It is likely going to change, though I suspect not too much. I’m not sure the average reader will even notice it all that much.

What is going to change?

I will obviously need to avoid writing anything that comes off as self serving. Thus, you will see less writing directly about competitors. If you have paid close attention, you may have noticed I have avoided certain topics you might have wanted me to write about over the last few months. There was a reason for that.

To be clear, I think I can write dispassionately and avoid any conflict, but you, as the reader, would be right to suspect me of having a bias and, therefore, it is better that I avoid those matters. If I do choose to write about a conflicted topic because I deem it important enough, I will obviously make sure to disclose that prominently.

The timing of content may also change. I will strive to continue on the once per weekish schedule, but there may be times when that’s not possible. Hard to say.

There shouldn’t be any change to the investing content. Most of the insurance topics should be unaffected as well. There may be some insuretech issues I have to dance around, but I expect them to be few and far between. I already have a couple of insuretech ideas in the queue actually.

Will you write about the company?

You mean will this site turn into an infomercial? No.
Will I share information about the company when I think it has general interest? Yes.

One thing I have considered is writing some “behind the curtains” looks at what happens in a startup. No promises there. We’ll see if I think there is anything instructive I can share, but it may be there are new things I can write about that offset some of those I choose to avoid.

What are you selling? Can I buy a policy?

More to come tomorrow, be patient. No, there is nothing to buy yet. We are building the company now, but will make sure everyone here knows when we are open for business. I said this site won’t become an infomercial, but I will clearly let people know when there is important news about the company for those who are curious.

Can I invest?

Certainly. More on that tomorrow, too.

Can I get a job?

Potentially. More on that tomorrow, too.

Wait, aren’t you the guy who criticizes every insurance startup?

Who, me? Well, yeah, but that’s why I’m trying to show there is a better way to do it. A careful reader will recognize some themes I have discussed in the past if they choose to take a look at the business model.

What’s the company called?

Revenge of the Tortoise. No, not really. Again, wait for tomorrow.

Wait, so you were on the tortoise side all along?

;). While today the Hare is winning, markets change. My bet is the future landscape will be more welcoming to savvy Tortoises, but I will incorporate elements of both.

I am trying to anticipate where the world will be once I am big enough to have to worry about these things. It is to late to start a new Hare. Don’t skate where the puck has been. Skate where the puck is going.

3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes…”

  1. Very pleased for you
    Not just talk the talk, but, walk the talk…just like a mathematical proof

    1. Thank you! And I was a math major once upon a time, so maybe those old habits drove me to do this???

  2. Congrats!
    Would love to hear why you started it, what you are most excited about, what you still believe albeit criticizing every insurance startup. See you tomorrow.

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